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Rocking It In Utah With Kitty Calhoun – C&I Magazine – Cowboys and Indians

Everytime you climb with Kitty Calhoun, You Could make constructive you’ll Discover your self understanding your howeverte Out of your againfacet.

I drive my rented purple Chevy Cruze as deep into Bears Ears As a Outcome of It is going to go. When the rocks and ruts get too huge Inside the nationbroad monument in southeast Utah, I park. Kitty Calhoun — who has informationd ice, rock, and alpine climbs The world over for 4 many yrs — seizes her pack Full of snacks and water and mannequins off for a path Which will take us to the Citadel Ruins, a rock formation with an historic Pueblo damage constructed into its facet.

We hike alongside The very Greater of Road Canyon. Throughout the canyon, to our left, horizontal strains Inside the brick-purple rock Appear to be A toddler’s Try and put icing on the facet of a cake. Inexpertised desert crops dot the cake like candy decorations. Past the canyon, The two howevertes that give Bears Ears its identify dominate the panorama.

Calhoun glides atop the uneven terrain like a dancer, as if the rocks and ledges and cacti Which will seize my ankles Inside the three days we’ll spend mountaineering, scrambling, and Mountaineering in Utah, aren’t there. We shimmy dpersonal guessween two boulders, shuffle by way of a crevice, and emerge onto slick rock. We make a U-flip and stroll alongside a shelf Barely under the place we have been seconds in the past. Now the canyon drops off to our proper. All of us know we’re Shut to the Citadel, however a knob of rocks obscures our view.

Calhoun flips proper Throughout the …….


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